Explain- As a veteran IT Staffing provider, we can help you with all your IT staffing needs. We provide skilled staff to achieve business objectives. IT staffing is the way to procure highly qualified and specialized personnel at a substantially low cost. This kind of model is well-suited for those companies that don’t have well-defined requirements, need research work, or want an ongoing software enhancement. We optimize talent acquisition and contingent workforce strategies to streamline technical processes. We eliminate the burdens many HR departments face in screening and vetting hundreds of applicants. By working with us, a firm that specializes in the IT industry, organizations can streamline their hiring process while attracting top technical talent. 

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Our team of IT recruiting experts come with more than ten years of IT industry experience to help talent acquisition teams find highly qualified IT professionals that align with an organization’s objectives, goals, and culture. With Cosmic Innovations Lab Inc. as your information technology staffing agency, you can streamline the IT recruiting process, reduce hiring costs, and improve candidate quality by gaining an expanded pool of skilled job applicants. We are committed to maximizing customer satisfaction, and therefore offer a range of customizable IT Staffing models intended to meet the individual requirements of our clients in the most efficient manner. Suiting your variable requirements/needs choose the most appropriate staffing option from our listing which includes:

Project-Based Staffing : Whether its a short term project or a long term project, we got you covered. We can assist you with the required IT skills at any point in a project or carry out a whole project with you until it’s completed.

Augmented Staffing : To assist in fulfilling your long or short term capacity for resources, we analyze your requirements and skillset required and then pick the most suitable match from our database to meet the requirement.

Permanent Hire : We can also recruit resources to be placed at a client’s site as a full-time staff if the client wants so. Our dedicated and experienced recruiting team finds the best match as needed.

We provide IT staffing service for a variety of core set of skills which includes but not limited to:

1. Business analysis
2. Cybersecurity
3. Database expertise
4. System administration
5. Executive, program & project management
6. Hardware and Help Desk
7. Front End or Web Development
8. Software Development
9. Technical and Content Writing


1. Extensive Network of qualified IT talent
2. Quality driven solutions
3. Comprehensive service options
4. Proven track record in technical talent

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Join forces with Cosmic Innovations Lab Inc. to innovate and grow together