Technology Consulting


Technology Consulting

Developing robust, secure, and scalable applications for business enterprises. With technology consulting, we help you find out how technology can improve a business. By the strategic use of technology, we can take a company closer to its long-term objectives improving existing technology to increase the revenues of an organization or make it more cost-efficient. In management consulting, we cover the functioning of an organization. In this part, we analyze how effectively your IT infrastructure is working. While in the process, we try to find out what can be done in the short-term or long-term to increase the operational efficiency of an organization. Regularly providing new and innovative solutions gives our customers an advantage over their competitors. We, as Consultants, solve the most intractable problems of a range of industries and companies. We intend to find out how technology can improve business — and then implement it most efficiently and effectively. We are committed to helping organizations innovate, share knowledge, and improve performance. Our team of experienced consultants offers breakthrough technology services and solutions to organizations from small and medium-sized enterprises to big companies to create and apply the knowledge that helps them to transform their business.


  1. 1. Consistent Efficiency
  2. 2. Improve customer satisfaction
  3. 3. Improve customer retention
  4. 4. Set long or short term objectives
  5. 5. Drive major positive impact

Mobile Application Development:

Develop personalized apps with our full-stack developers; add value to your organization. We tend to meet your needs from our team of experts, who have years of experience in global app development. These dedicated to delivering strategically designed and creatively crafted mobile applications help your business to move to the next level. Our knowledge and experience extend to the android app, iPhone app, mobile web development, cross-platform mobile apps. Category of applications includes enterprise mobility solutions, blockchain mobile apps, big data, and analysis apps.

1. UI/UX Design
2. Android App Development
3. IOS App Development
4. React Native
5. Cross-Platform Mobile Apps Development

With our deep expertise and skills, we intend to develop applications for individuals and organizations of different industries.

1. Communications made easy with instant messaging apps
2. Thrill gamers with exciting gaming applications
3. Navigate route with the map application
4. Forecast weather with weather application.


Web Application Development:

Get your enterprise web application developed today in any of the major languages such as PHP, ASP.NET, Ruby Rails, and more. At Cosmic Innovations Lab Inc., we provide the best in class web solutions that cater to diverse business needs. With dynamic web applications, you can interact with users, connect back-end databases, and generate results to browsers. Consistently gaining new insights into what is boosting your business and what is lacking. Our web applications include a portfolio of extensive systems from the simple content management system to the most sophisticated internet applications, e-commerce portals, and social networking development services.

1. Seamless experience across different operating systems and devices
2. Real-time exchange of information for enterprise portals
3. Revamping and maintaining web applications
4. Secure and scalable solutions

Our application development process follows the following steps:

1. Research, Design & Planning
2. Design, Develop, QA
3. Feedback
4. Improvements
5. Product Launc

Cloud Application Development:

Migrating your IT infrastructure to the cloud or setting it up for the first time, we help you through it all. With cloud storage, we can leverage the cloud for application development to enable agility, cost savings, and speed-to-market. Data management and analytics: Proper data management can lower operating costs, reduce errors, and mitigate risk. Our cloud application-development and platform services help clients prepare for the transition to the cloud and take advantage of the growing number of private and public platform-as-a-service (PaaS) provider.


1. Amazon web services
2. Microsoft Azure
3. Google cloud

We also provide  SaaS consulting to companies who want to work with the SaaS model. It involves advising them on the best methods and practices, help in choosing the right solution, and mitigating risk. Cloud computing tends to provide a better ROI to its customers. Not only does it reduce the cost, but it allows the usage of compelling features and scalability.

1. Get high performance, resiliency
2. Leverage the cloud to make dynamic applications.
3. Easy scalability
4. Cost-effective